Maternity Photography

The Collections

Mini Maternity collection $100

-30 minute mom only session

-8 digital images

Family collection $600

-1 hour session

-all digital images on a usb with a  4x6 of 20

selected images. Comes in   a beautiful glass   display box OR 8x8 album

-11 x 14 Canvas

DELUXE collection $200

family heirloom collection $900

-Thirty minutes

-all digital images

-2 hour session

-all digital images on a usb with a   4x6 of 20   selected images. 

 Comes in a beautiful portrait   covered wooden display box.

-Two mini accordion albums (great gifts for the grandparents)

-8x8 album with your selected 20 images

-24x36 Canvas

Your body is changing  to help your beautiful baby grow.  Let's get some amazing pictures of you so you can show your little one how you looked while carrying them.  Your inner and outer beauty will shine. You and your family will love to look at these portraits for years to come.

Pregnancy sessions are best during 7-8 months when the tummy is nice and round but before the swelling begins.