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An afternoon walk with my daughter at Phillippi Estate Park.

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

She is an amazing & beautiful girl inside and out! I know I'm biased. I'm so glad she decided to move here and go to school. We are lucky to have each other in general but definitely through this Corona Pandemic! She keeps me on my political toes that's for sure. Sometimes for the good but sometimes I just can't....

She loves exploring new places with me and Phillippi Estate Park was one of our new finds. She was all "dolled up" for our walk so I had to bring my camera. Remembering to get dressed up is one of her things she does to get through this pandemic. We really don't do much so its really good when she does get dressed up. I'm so glad I brought my camera along because just look at her! I can't wait to have a client session at Phillippi Estate Park.

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