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Just a little news to share....

Derek and Ashely love coming to Anna Maria Island to celebrate their anniversary. This year as they celebrated their fourth year of marriage they had a special announcement to plan.

They wanted to announce their pregnancy and gender of their baby with portraits on the beach.

It's a BOY!!!

With a little persuading Derek agreed to take his hat off so we could see his handsome face. Just look at how cute these two parents to be are. He is going to make a great father. Derek is very attention to Ashley's comfort.

Ashley already loves this little boy so much. Every time she feels him move around she is reminded of her new love!

It was such a hot and humid night they just had to take the plunge and cool off a bit. This made for some fun pictures and memories.

February will bring a love like no other to their world! I'm looking forward to meeting their little man next October for family beach pictures.

I wish you a very healthy rest of your pregnancy and birth come February. You have an amazing year ahead of you Ashley and Derek. You will be amazing parents!

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